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May I introduce myself?

May I introduce myself? My name is Hans Boeve.

My name is Hans Boeve. I am almost 60 years young. I am unmarried. I speak the following European languages ​​:

  • 1 English
  • 2 French
  • 3 German
  • 4 Spanish
  • 5 Italian
  • 6 Dutch
Due to cultural and economic reason, I am also in the process of learning Chinese (Mandarin).
My European language study.

My European language study has, so far, not sparked European interest. I sometimes contact a European institute, but then, as I am almost 60 years old, I am told that I should take part in a competition.

The application of my language study.

I like to read the (international) newspapers. Those are the following newspapers:

  • 1 The New York Times
  • 2 The Wall Street Journal.
  • 3 Die Frankfurther Algemeine Zeitung
  • 4 Die SudDeutsche Zeitung.
  • 5 LeMonde.
  • 6 El Pais.
  • I hope in this section to report on the European news in The FAZ and Le Monde.

    My first European encounter.

    Due to very prolonged and very serious abuse, I had to flee from the Netherlands to France in 2020, and then to Spain in 2021. As early as 1998 I filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. But the complaint was rejected. Then I first fled to Brussels. Although without success as far as flight is concerned, I nevertheless became interested in European languages.

    Back in the Netherlands

    Back in the Netherlands, the abuse continued. I have informed all responsible organizations, but, apart from a declaration, no response.

    The second flight

    So, after learning my languages ​​better, I fled for the second time. This time with better results. I now live in Northern Spain. I was/am now better prepared and expect a second procedure at the European Court of Human Rights.

    European Politics

    Politics also aims to protect the inhabitants concerned against disaster. So far, neither national politics nor European politics have done that. For example, there is no European, internal, refugee law. A missed opportunity? Turnout in European elections is low and is used as a measure of national politics. I understand from my own experiences with those European bodies that the interest in European politics among the public is very low. Do you find it strange that a valued member is walking away?

    Current European Politics

    Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel says goodbye. How will Europe proceed now?

    The European Press

    I read the main western, central and southern european newspapers. What strikes me is the common interest in the same European points of interest in the main articles. When establishing a new European institute, this always involves a non-party enumeration of data (19-7; AMLA).

    Conclusion so Far

    After international research and personal experience, Europe appears to be a complicated mess of the interests of the individual Member States. There is no attention for the citizens, hence the low turnout in the European elections.